You will not find a fresher or healthier dog food anywhere.


More and more veterinarians agree that the best food for our dogs is the food they evolved to eat: FRESH WHOLE FOOD, mostly fresh meat, with a bit of fresh vegetables and fruit, and a few other natural fresh ingredients. Many also agree that feeding at least some fresh whole food has many health benefits.

Processed dog food often contains many unhealthy ingredients (read the label!), and because it is processed using waste meats and other ingredients not fit for human consumption, and fillers to make up the protein requirements, it is simply not the best way to care for the dogs we adore.

Try adding FRESH to your dog's diet. We handcraft each small batch using the same fresh food that you and I eat, but in the proper proportions for dogs, then quickly freeze it. We use nothing artificial and no preservatives. Our recipes are based on the principles of three veterinarians who are well-known in for their work using fresh whole diets for dogs.